North-South Ironman

Each summer after all the regular weekly sessions of the YAS Basketball School have concluded, senior and bantam players who have graduated from the Saskatoon and Regina sessions are invited to return to play in the two-day YAS North-South Ironman Tournament if they wish.  The annual YAS North-South Ironman Tournament is competitive and fun. Players look forward to playing in it for many months ahead of time and from year to year. Teams are balanced. Players of all levels of athletic ability and playing experience participate equally and fairly in all of their team’s games.

The YAS North-South Ironman Tournament will be held in late August (Dates and locations to be finalized)

The following players are automatically invited:

a) Graduates of previous year YAS Senior sessions held in Regina and Saskatoon.

b) Graduates of previous year YAS Bantam sessions who show sufficient competitive ability.

c) Graduates of past years’ YAS sessions who are still age 16 or under and who have not attended any other summer basketball school or camp since they last attended YAS.

d) Up to three guests of players eligible by (a), (b) or (c) above who have not played on any urban high school 5A or 4A senior team.

NOTE: Each invited player must call the YAS office (306) 242-2425 to accept their invitation and to register their guest(s) in the tournament. YAS staff will create the balanced regional teams for the tournament.

Call the YAS office (306) 242-2425 for clarifications or more details.


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