What to Wear or To Bring or To Know about YAS Basketball Camp

Generally, a player should wear what they usually wear to regular indoor physical education classes at school during June or September.  Here are a few other expectations and recommendations and some reminders.

  1. A player does not need new or expensive basketball shoes to take part in YAS.  Regular gym shoes will be o.k. as long as they are clean and will not mark the gym floor or bring dirt or dust into the school or gym. 
  2. A player should avoid coming to camp in brand new shoes.  To suddenly be on their feet all day in brand new shoes usually ends up in blisters, infections and other problems.  If someone is getting new shoes for basketball camp, they should get them well ahead of time and break them in well ahead of time.  
  3. As players will be on their feet much of the day, it’s a good idea for them to wear two or three pairs of socks at one time.  This will help keep feet dry, make shoes fit more snugly thus avoiding turned ankles, and reduce the tendency to get blisters. Many experienced high school, college and adult players do this all the time. Low cut and bootie style socks are currently stylish but are almost useless.  Players need socks that cover and protect their ankle bones.  Note:  this means wearing two or three pairs of socks when trying on and buying new shoes.
  4. Gym shorts are preferred but sweat pants and leggings are acceptable.  Gym shorts’ legs should be at least mid-thigh length, and no longer than knee length.  
  5. We would like each player to wear their numbered YAS jersey to camp as much as possible, especially on Wednesdays when we will take photos.  If they don’t wear their camp jersey, then whatever shirt they wear should be light, short-sleeved or sleeveless, full-length and as plain as possible. 
  6. Except for soft elastic-based restrainers for long hair, nothing can be worn on a player’s head during instruction modules, drills and competitions .  .  . except for established cultural, ethnic and religious practices.
  7. Do not wear necklaces, rings, non-medical-bracelets, ear rings or studs, lip rings or eyebrow rings or nose rings, watches, and jewelry. Teeth braces and retainers should be covered by a mouth guard worn inside the mouth during drills and competitions.
  8. Lunch and snacks.  Players bring their own.  Junior and Bantam B players will remain in the gym during lunch and snack breaks.  Bantam A and Senior players may leave during lunch break, but will be expected to be on time for the start of activities after lunch break. 
  9. Players are not to bring gum or seeds to the gym, the overall facility and or to the property.
  10. Players are not to bring their own basketball.  We will supply all instructional and game equipment.
  11. Devices like a cell phone, ipad, iphone, notebook, etc. are to be kept turned off, and only used if absolutely necessary during lunch break or after dismissal. 
  12. A player with a cold, the flu, a virus or any other contagious condition should stay home until non-contagious, and contact our office in advance to inform us that they will be staying home.  We take attendance shortly after 8:30 am every morning.  If someone is absent we become concerned and search for them.
  13. Some of our gyms are air conditioned.  Temperature can be as cool as 16 to 17 degrees Celsius. Players may wish to bring a hoodie or jacket to wear during lunch break or when they are otherwise less active.
  14. We do not take responsibility for keeping, administering or ensuring the taking of medication.  However, it is appreciated when parents / guardians inform us (a hand written note is preferred) of any medical condition that may require medication or special attention during a lengthy and active camp day.
  15. Parents, grandparents, other extended family members and mature friends are most welcome as spectators. Where spectator seating is available near and at the same level as the gym’s instructional and competition surface (i.e. on chairs, bleachers, benches, the floor, etc.), we request that spectators use discretion so as to not distract players from giving their best possible attention to instructors, coaches, referees, and team mates.  The Warman Legends Centre gym will have bleacher seating
    for spectators in its balcony adjacent to the food court.
  16. Payment and Refunds:  Each player’s full camp(s) fee is due at the time of registration.  The registration is then deemed finalized, and the player’s detailed confirmation package including their numbered camp jersey is mailed or couriered to the person or to the entity that registered the player,  i.e. to the parent, guardian, other family member, sponsoring entity, etc.  

    If the player is registered for a camp and that camp is cancelled by us, the adult or entity that registered the youth will have the choice to either transfer to another YAS 2022 camp, or to accept a full refund.

    If the player is registered for a camp and that camp is not-cancelled by us, and the player is withdrawn at least eight (8) days before the start of that camp, a 50% refund will be paid to the adult or entity that registered the player. 

    If a player is registered for a camp and that camp is not-cancelled by us, and the player is withdrawn seven (7) or less days before the start of that camp, or does not show up for that camp, their entire fee will be forfeited.

    A withdrawal or transfer must be received by email or otherwise in writing from the adult or entity who initially registered the youth.

    Very substantial fee discount(s) take effect when one player is initially registered for two or more camps during the same summer. Those discounts apply when a player is later re-registered for additional camp(s).  

Please contact us (text preferred) if you have any questions or need for clarifications about the YAS Summer Basketball School camps program.  Note:  voice and email messages will not be heard or read by YAS staff until after the end of the camp day.  Text messages will be checked every few hours. 

Text: (306) 242 – 2425

Basketball is 2nd Fastest Growing Sport

April 21, 2022

Basketball is the 2nd fastest growing sport among youths and teens around the world. 

It’s fun. It requires easy-to-develop skills. It’s inexpensive to play. Many professionals say it’s addictive.

We are certified teachers who are highly accomplished basketball coaches.

We head one of North America’s longest-running and top summer sports skills-development programs located right here in Saskatchewan. 

We head YAS – Young Athlete Saskatchewan Summer Basketball School.

By sharing this fax, you can help your community know about what a great program we have for them, at whatever their level of athletic ability and basketball experience is from novice, to fundamentals to developing to advanced to very competitive.
They’re all welcome and they’ll all learn and develop.

Find out more by visiting our award-winning web site:

YAS was founded 46 years ago. Since then 14,938 kids and teens from across Saskatchewan, 8 other provinces and 22 other countries have graduated from YAS summer basketball skills camps.  Many had played little or no basketball before.  They quickly developed their basketball skills, and then returned home and to their regular schools where they excelled.

Play forever!

YAS Admin
Email: info@yas.ca
Saskatoon: 306-242-2425
Regina: 306-585-2020

2022 YAS Basketball Registrations

March 1, 2022

Hi Families! 2022 is here and we are sure you and your family is starting to plan summer events! YAS is back for its 47th year and welcomes all basketball players aged 8 – 16 to register for one or more sessions with family and friends. Call the office for details, Saskatoon: 306-242-2425 or Regina: 306-585-2020.

Play forever!

YAS Admin
Email: info@yas.ca
Saskatoon: 306-242-2425
Regina: 306-585-2020

Kids and Teens will need go get safely out and about this coming summer

March 1, 2022

We are Young Athlete Saskatchewan Inc. (YAS), a long-running summer basketball camps program for kids and teens held every July and August in Regina and Saskatoon.

The YAS Summer Basketball Camps program was co-founded in 1975 as an international women’s year project for girls only in Regina. In 1976 YAS became co-ed. The co-founders were executives, coaches, teachers and other professionals from the Regina Church Basketball Association (RCBA) and the Regina High Schools Athletic Association. During its first 8 years (1975 until 1982), YAS summer camps were a sub-program of the RCBA.

In 1983 YAS was incorporated with the Saskatchewan Government as an independent non-profit charity and also expanded to Saskatoon.

Since its founding, YAS summer basketball camps have graduated 14,938 youths from 278 mainly Saskatchewan communities, but also from 8 provinces and countries as far away as China, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, England, France, India, the United States, Germany, Italy and numerous African countries.

Over the past two summers, YAS Summer Basketball Camps were 100 percent compliant with Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) COVID19 regulations. COVID had no negative effect at all on YAS and its program quality. Kids and teens from across the province and beyond signed up, developed basketball skills, played, had tons of fun and made new friends at those YAS camps. There was not a single instance of anyone catching COVID.

YAS is headed by professional “A” licensed teachers who are highly accomplished and championship basketball coaches and skills instructors for youths of all levels of athletic ability and playing experience from novice to developing to advanced.

Check us out at: www.yas.ca
We will not divulge your email address with anyone else for any reason, period.

Note: During 2022 grants and private donations will provide “confidential” subsidy funding
where needed to make sure that every youth can afford to attend YAS summer basketball camps.

Check out the subsidies at: https://hallcomm.wordpress.com/

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