Regina Camp Update

We are excited to announce YAS has acquired the Laval School South Gym in Regina for our summer basketball camps.  You may recall that last summer the Laval South gym was not available due to a lengthy process involving the installation of a new roof.  For many years prior to last summer, our camps were held at this gym every summer even though we had many other choices of gyms.

We prefer Laval South for a number of reasons:

  • it provides excellent acoustics, which means players can hear and understand instructors and each other clearly wherever they are in the gym,
  • it’s air conditioned,
  • it’s kept very very clean including the gym proper, the entrance, and the washroom-locker rooms,
  • it is easy to drive too from any corner of the city and surrounding towns, even Moose Jaw which is only 45 minutes from Laval,
  • it has free and abundant parking right in front of the gym,
  • the Laval caretakers, teachers and administrators like us more than any other renters and fall over backwards to accommodate our every need, and
  • it lives and breathes rich French-Canadian character right from the first moment one sets foot in the building.


Although our camps are taught in English, the players who come to YAS at Laval get to experience much more. They will be right in the middle of the French Canadian culture – starting with the signs on doors.  For example “Gymnase” for gym, “cuisine” for kitchen, “Bibliothèque” for library, “vestiaire” for locker room, “Fontaine d’eau” for water fontaine, “jeu de basket” for basketball game, and “bruissement” for swish  .  .  .  just to mention a few super duper extras YAS camp youths will get because they attend YAS camp at Laval.

And to top it all off, the head instructor for this summer’s YAS Junior (8 – 10) and Bantam B (10 – 12) camps at Laval South is Phillippe Bossé, B.A., B.Ed..  Coach Bossé is a licenced Saskatchewan Professional “A” Teacher who came from Eastern Canada where basketball is truly king.  He is a certified coach with the Coaching Association of Canada (which awards the highest level coaching certification one can get in Canada).

Besides all the Junior (8 – 10) and Bantam B (10 – 12) camps at Laval, Coach Bossé will also co-instruct the Bantam A (12 – 14) and Senior (14 – 16) YAS high performance camps at Laval.

All this adds up to an excellent learning and skills development environment for the youths who come to YAS Summer Basketball camps in Regina.


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